Sept 19 Update (Android) [Version 1.0.158]Edit

  1. New feature - Battle Royale! 
  2. New Hero - Chiron! 
  3. Continent Rank statues adjusted. 
  4. New Guild invite function. 
  5. Defending Heroes defense stats boosted. Higher levels unlock better defenses. 
  6. Campaign Clash is now limited to a daily event but with increased rewards. 
  7. Battle reports and mailbox will be cleared after updating.

Notice: Update to latest version to avoid crashes and errors when hiring new heroes.

Aug 28 Updated (Android) [Version 1.0.156]Edit

  1. New Monthly Package available from the Shop.
  2. New Super Gift Pack.
  3. New Continent Ranks - Tap Rankings to see more.
  4. New Statues from Arena and Continent Rank achievements.
  5. New way to get free Jewels. Tap Shop -> FREE.
  6. Adjusted the base value for the Ancient Spell Magmafied.
  7. Optimized Hero Arena’s UI interface - Time left until reset will be shown daily.
  8. Spell Edge time has been shortened.
  9. Reduced Arena difficulty.
  10. Aid Skill level has been increased.
  11. Increased Light Priestess' cast range.
  12. Enhanced Renee Ven's shard’s Aid Skill effects.
  13. Battle reports and mailbox will be cleared during the maintenance.

Aug 8 Updated (Android) [Version 1.0.154]Edit

1. Improved the Treaty feature. 2. The new Hero Renee Ven has been added to the game. 3. Mystic Shop added to the Campaign Clash. 4. Lv 15 Town Halls are now available and unlock more advanced buildings. 5. Epic Hero Shards added to the game. Collect and fuse them at the See More screen. 6. Battle reports and mailbox will be cleared during the update.