The Heroes Arena is where players can fight other players to earn EXP to level up in the arena ranks.

Players can choose from four different foes where one is the "Foe of the Day" and remains there until the end of the day. This foe gives the most EXP. Once you defeat him/her you cannot battle him/her again. The other three enemies, once you defeat them, are changed.

When fighting in the Arena, it is recommended to bring an Epic Hero.

You can win an Arena match by either destroying the enemy's heroes or his/her shrine. The time limit is 3 minutes.

EXP Guidelines:

-Stronger heroes mean more EXP, and vice versa.

-The Foe of the Day gives the most EXP.

Suggested Team Recommendations:

-Heroes with DMG reduction skill.

-Heroes with ATK boost.

-Heroes with AOE skill(recommended since mercenaries can fight in the arena)


As you gain more EXP, you get new titles and rewards, which include gems, trophies, rings, etc.