The only mining resource in this game currently is only gold.  Players can use gold to upgrade all the buildings or walls, or using it for resource raid as well as revenge on others for trophy where we will be talking more about that later on as we proceed.

Ways of getting gold

1. Gold Mine, the most basic way is to collect gold every hour
. It's probably one of the slowest advancement way if you are those that use to grinding or have many builders. Well, that to be said, it can help you a lot when you're not online (Working or Sleeping) to accumulate some gold so that you won't lack behind too much in game. 

2. Resource Raid, your best and only way to get gold super fast. Each battle and scan for base cost 50gold or more (depends on your TH level) but you can get back many times more if you got the right base that leaves a super gold mine for you! 3. Dungeon, your secondary way to win gold, but dungeon will get harder and harder, to the stage where you will have a very hard time to get 3 stars. It will come to a time where you have to grind back previous stages, which cost you 1 chances which will recharge every 2hours. It may not be the best way to earn gold, but the chest is definitely worthy. 4. Quests, you may think that quests can sometimes be tedious or long to complete, but the reward gets higher each time and certainly, you will love quest a lot. You can get gold by advancing in dungeon, at the same time completing the quest for the dungeon section which gives you both gold and experience.


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